Pinklotus Dosha Set

Pinklotus Dosha Set

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Dosha in Ayurvedic medicine are
The three energies believed to circulate the body and govern physiological activity. Find balance with our intuitively and energetically aligned blends.

Pinklotus Vata Dosha
The elemental force of Air and Ether.
The cold, dry, quick and irregular nature of Vata is balanced by using sweet, warming and grounding scents of Bergamot and Ylang-Ylang.

Pinklotus Pitta Dosha
The elemental force of Fire and Water.
The hot, sharp and intense nature of Pitta is balanced by using cooling, soothing and calming botanicals of Champa and Clery Sage.

Pinklotus Kapha Dosha
The elemental force of Water and Earth.
The cool, heavy and slow nature of Kapha is balanced by using stimulating, warming and cleansing scents of Sage and Rosemary.